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New Safe Havens In Hamilton County

A partnership will help provide a safe place for victims of domestic violence. United Way of Central Indiana, Ricker's, Alternatives Incorporated, domestic violence2015-10-21T00:00:00-04:00
New Safe Havens In Hamilton County

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. -- A program that aims to provide a safe place for victims of domestic violence is expanding to Hamilton County.  

The partnership between Alternatives Incorporated, a non-profit working to end domestic violence, United Way of Central Indiana and Ricker's Convenience stores will provide a discreet, round-the-clock location for people who need to escape an abusive situation.

CEO of Alternatives, Mary Jo Lee says the stores can provide a convenient gateway.  

"A victim could say 'I’m going to run down to the Ricker’s to get some coffee' and a perpetrator hopefully wouldn’t give that any thought because that’s a natural thing to do," Lee said.

Employees at all six Ricker's locations in Hamilton County will be trained to assess individual situations and decide if police or Alternatives should be contacted. 

The Safe Haven program has been operating in Madison County since 2003 and was recognized by Vice President Joe Biden as an innovative program for victims.



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