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Police Looking For Another Man In Home Invasions

Indianapolis Police continue to investigate two home invasions that have led to ten arrests. Five of the defendants face Class-A felonies, the most serious besides homicide. 2013-11-14T00:00:00-05:00
Police Looking For Another Man In Home Invasions

Indianapolis Police are searching for a man they believe is connected to a series of home invasions.

Authorities want to bring Adrian Anthony in for questioning.

"Save us the trouble of having to find you Adrian.  Turn yourself in." said IMPD Chief Rick Hite.  "By all means understand this - we will track you down until we find you."

He won’t say how Anthony is connected, but he is a person of interest.

Ten people have been arrested in a pair of home invasions last week.

Hite says investigators are looking into whether the cases are connected, but says those who commit these types of crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

"Under common law it was alway understood that when you enter a man's home or a woman's home it is there castle," said Hite.  "To find people in the middle of the night to be vulnerable, to be susceptible to the whims of these individuals who were arrested and allegedly charged with these offenses is unacceptable."

Five of the defendants have been charged with class A-felonies, the most serious besides homicide.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry calls the circumstances of the cases “particularly troubling.”

"There continues to be investigation as to whether any of the individuals who were involved in the Spring Mill (invasion) were involved (the invasion) at 79th and College.  That, I assure you, is a very active investigation at this point in time," said Curry.  "I think it is fair to say that it's very likely there will be additional charges in the days to come."



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