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Southside Co-Working Space Planned

The space will provide startups and small businesses with affordable space and a chance to collaborate. entrepreneurs, Southside Business Initiative, co-working space2015-07-29T00:00:00-04:00

INDIANAPOLIS -- A new south side space dedicated to helping entrepreneurs expand their businesses is rolling out its plan at a public meeting Wednesday night.

The Southside Business Initiative will provide a co-working space for startups and other small businesses looking to connect with resources for their growing enterprises at a more affordable rate.

The space will accept members who can benefit from amenities like workspaces, conference rooms, high-speed Internet and website profiles. 

The model is based on similar initiatives like Launch Fishers and zWorks and will be the first co-working space on the south side of Indy. 

Memberships cost $500 yearly and $50 monthly.  An anonymous $30,000 donation is helping kick-start the project that hopes to open this fall.

The public launch is being held where the new space will be, at Cardinal Insurance on S. Madison Ave. 



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