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Street Renamed For Indy Advocate Amos Brown

Nearly a year and a half after his sudden death from a heart attack, a downtown Indianapolis Street has been named for broadcaster and tireless truth and justice advocate Amos Brown. Joe Hogsett, Joe Simpson, Zach Adamson, Amos Brown, Vop Osili, Amos Brown Memorial Way2017-04-23T00:00:00-04:00
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Street Renamed For Indy Advocate Amos Brown

Amos Brown Memorial Way

Leigh DeNoon

St. Joseph Street between Meridian and Pennsylvania streets is now known as Amos Brown Memorial Way. At a celebration Saturday to unveil the new street sign, Congressman Andre Carson, Mayor Joe Hogsett, City Councilors Vop Osili and Joe Simpson expressed how Brown held them all to a high standard.

“Amos is sorely missed," Simpson says. "This honor today is just the tip of the iceberg of what we truly – what he truly deserved. And what I want to say is that Amos was dear to me.  Vop and I, all the councilors, really enjoyed Amos because he kept us informed as much as we kept him informed,” he says.

Simpson worked closely with Councilor Vop Osili to make the street renaming for Brown become a reality. 

“It’s befitting, of course," Osili says, "that Amos Brown Memorial Way would reside in front of Radio One - where for over 40 years Amos informed us, held us accountable and helped us to be better leaders.”

Mayor Joe Hogsett and each who spoke at the Central Library celebration described the high bar that Brown set and the expectations he had to see people lifted up in the city.

“For 40 years, he fought to end the mindless menace of violence, to create opportunity for those who had no opportunity; and to tear down walls of intolerance, bigotry, ignorance, prejudice, discrimination,” Hogsett says.

Simpson challenged everyone Saturday, "If you think of something, or you think of some way that we can honor Amos or do something for Amos, we need to continue to do it everyday – all the time."

Amos Brown Memorial Way runs in front of the studios of Radio One – the longtime home of Brown's popular radio show "Afternoons with Amos." 



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