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Students Attend Leadership Summit

The annual event hopes to change the lives of future leaders. 2014-02-26T00:00:00-05:00
Students Attend Leadership Summit

Around 200 kids from Indiana are getting lessons in leadership at the Murat Theater.

The Youth Leadership Summit is a day packed full of inspirational information for student guides. Kristen Pulice with the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault (INCASA), says this is the sixth year for the event, which was held Wednesday, and the first time that girls are included.

"We decided to incorporate women into the summit," says Pulice. "Perhaps we'll do a whole separate summit for women because our turnout has been so good this year."

INCASA organizes the summit, says different programs during the day emphasize the importance of standing up and supporting peers. 

The kids, a lot of them who are athletes, can take from speeches by former Colts player Marlin Jackson and Fever player Jeanette Pohlen.  

Leslie Cannon-Grosz helps facilitate the event and says the hope is that students share the information when they go back to their schools.

"It's about stepping forward, it's about breaking down those stereotypes that sometimes prey on society," says Cannon-Grosz.

Any Indiana high school can participate in the yearly event which is free and hopes to change lives.  



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