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Herron High School Students Learn Turkey Day Manners

The classes in table etiquette translate into life skills for the students at Herron High School.Herron High School2015-11-20T00:00:00-05:00
Herron High School Students Learn Turkey Day Manners

INDIANAPOLIS -- Students at Herron High spent two weeks studying good manners ahead of Thanksgiving dinner.  The lessons in dining etiquette focus on all aspects of meal manners says Herron sophomore Makalah Davis.

"What silverware is for what, like a butter knife and a salad fork, and they actually teach us that we need to put our napkins in our lap," Davis said.

The students enjoy a formal three-course meal at tables set with cloth napkins and centerpieces.  Sophomore Simon Fleck says they’ve also been learning about social etiquette and what should be left out of dinner conversations.

"In the current climate of pretty much everything is best to stay away from… quite a few topics,"  Fleck commented.

This is the fourth year that Herron has taught the manners classes that really translate to life lessons says Head of School, Janet McNeal.

"One of our visions is that we’re developing world-class citizens and this is skill that they are going to need," McNeal said.

McNeal says many of her students are up for scholarships and may be able to use the skills when having dinner with a dean or president. 

The students also spent part of the day working on community service projects like crafting cards for service members and making blankets for Riley Hospital.



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