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Theater And Historic Building Mark Milestones

A Central Indiana theater group is celebrating 10 years performing in a historic space by presenting its first original work.2013-09-26T00:00:00-04:00
Theater And Historic Building Mark Milestones

Over the past 10 years the Milk Building in Lebanon has undergone a remarkable transformation. The historic space is turning 100 this year and celebrating with a complete theatrical face lift.  Owner and Executive Producer of Theater at the Milk Building, Scott Culpepper has tried to keep history alive with the help of residents.

“Often people would just come wandering in during the construction process telling us stories.” Culpepper recalls.

This weekend the theatre will present it first ever original work.  Culpepper and long-time friend Brett Hughes have been collaborating since their days at Carmel High School.  Culpepper got the idea for “Farce of the Rings or How I Met Your Mordor “ after seeing a show that parodied “Star Wars.” He came to Hughes with his plan to rework “Lord of the Rings.”

Hughes is actually living in Minnesota but the two are able to co-write thanks to technology.  Giving themselves a deadline, which is unusual for the creative pair, the play is still getting tweaked during the final week of rehearsals. 

Calling the production PG-13 with as much vulgarity as your average sitcom, the show has enlivened the duo to try and stage more original works. The play opens for a one month run this Friday.  More information and tickets are available at Theater at the Milk Building.



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