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WFYI News Wins 15 Awards in Indiana AP Contest

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WFYI News Wins 15 Awards in Indiana AP Contest

Left to right: WFYI News' Deron Molen, Ryan Delaney and Doug Jaggers won first place in spot news coverage in the 2015 Indiana AP Broadcasters awards

Photo by Darryl Smith

WFYI News won a total of 15 awards from the Indiana Associated Press Broadcasters Association for work done in 2015 -- 9 first-place and 6 second-place awards. The ceremony was held Saturday, April 30 at the Sheraton City Centre, Indianapolis.

First place awards:

Best reporter: Ryan Delaney

Best student reporter: Deron Molen

Best website: Doug Jaggers and WFYI News staff

Best public affairs program: John Krull, Shannon Cagle Dawson and Michelle Johnson for "No Limits: The State of Minority Media in Indianapolis" 

Best Use of Radio Sound: Jake Harper and Carmel Wroth, "A Bullet, a President and an ER" 

Best Continuous Coverage of a Single Event: Jake Harper and photojournalist Seth Herald, "Indiana's HIV Outbreak Highlights Indiana's Rural Opioid Addiction Epidemic"

Best Enterprise story: Jake Harper, "Heroin, Opioid Abuse Put Strain On Foster Care System" The judges called it "a stellar story (that) shows nuanced understanding of the child welfare system." 

Best General News: Jill Sheridan, "Syrian Refugee Family Reflects On Controversy Over Resettlements" The judges praised the story for its use of sound and the way it connected many related issues.

Best Spot News Reporting: Ryan Delaney, Doug Jaggers and Deron Molen, "Prison Sentence Marks the Dramatic Fall of Subway Guy Jared Fogle"

Second-place awards:

Best Overall News Operation

Best Spot News Reporting: Jill Sheridan and Christopher Ayers for their coverage of the Church of Cannabis and its challenge of the state's RFRA law.

Best General News: Jake Harper for his story on a challenge to rules in Indiana that deny Hepatitis C drugs to Medicaid recipients.

Best Feature: Jake Harper and Carmel Wroth for "Seizures Triggered By the Fridge Made Life a Daily Struggle."

Best News Series: Jake Harper and Seth Herald for "Getting Right: HIV Outbreak Spurs Change in Austin, Indiana."

Best Public Affairs Program: John Ketzenberger, Shannon Cagle Dawson and Michelle Johnson for "No Limits: Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act" 



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