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What to Expect When The Snow Melts

Central Indiana is experiencing some of the coldest temperatures in two decades. Hydrologist Al Shipe says flooding is a concern as temperatures rise, but he does not think it will be as bad as it was last month. 2014-01-08T00:00:00-05:00
What to Expect When The Snow Melts

Temperatures are beginning to creep back into the teens and could reach as high as the 40s this weekend.

Starting Sunday, nearly a foot of snow fell in some parts of the region and Central Indiana is experiencing some of the coldest temperatures in two decades

But, Hydrologist Al Shipe says this storm is different than the one 20 years ago.

"When the temperatures started to plummet real fast on Sunday night, there wasn't enough time.  A lot of that snow had been packed down.  It just froze solid," he said.   "You could have two, three, six inches of really compact snow on the roadway and that will not easily come off.  That's the difference between now and 1994."

Temperatures are expected in the 40s between Friday and Sunday, with a 70 percent chance of rain, Saturday.

Shipe says as the temperatures warm, the snow will melt, but heavy flooding like what the region saw in December is unlikely.

"The streams will become elevated again and there could be some low land flooding beginning next week," he said.  "After that, we don't see - at least the outlooks are not indicating - any drastic swing to warmer weather which would melt the snow rapidly. We are seeing normal patterns."

He says when the snow starts to melt, it’s important to make sure storm drains are not clogged.

If they are, Shipe says that can cause overflow which could damage homes.

He adds that there will be less traction on roads as the snow and ice begin to melt, drivers should reduce speeds and be more cautious.




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