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Winter Farmers Market Continues To Blossom

Winter isn’t keeping Indianapolis from a thriving farmers market. The event mostly associated with summer, continues to bring people out as the snow begins to fall. 2013-12-13T00:00:00-05:00
Winter Farmers Market Continues To Blossom

Every Saturday, farmers set up shop downtown.

Cold conditions haven’t slowed the growth of Indianapolis’ Winter Farmers Market.

The temperatures are barely hitting double digits right now in the Circle City, but as Manager Molly Trueblood describes, there are warm intentions inside.

"We want to provide a resource for the community to learn more about their food, learn about the people who grow their food, and then raise awareness about the choices your food can make on the economy and the community," she said.

Over the past six years, the Winter Farmers Market is attracting more attendees and more money.

"We've seen the traffic grow every year.  So, it's been encouraging to have lots of new customers especially at our new location, we've seen a lot more different people," said Trueblood.

Farmers such as Genesis McKiernan-Allen sell produce there every Saturday.

Sales double week to week, which is she says is important financially for those in the industry, but also essential for promoting culture in the city.

"The market can thrive here," said McKiernan-Allen.  "It's a space to be a real catalyst for a lot of different ways to make Indianapolis a really vibrant, healthy city, part of which I think is creating an identity for the city, a really unique identity for us where our young people won't want to leave, our young people don't want to go to the east or west coasts to feel like they have to find ‘culture.'"

The market is aiming to offer healthier food choices for those whose options are limited.

Farmers accept SNAP Benefits, or food stamps, because as Eat Well Initiative Coordinator Sarah Mullin says, it’s important to offer the less fortunate healthy food choices.

"Families are very aware of what they should be eating," she said.  "Sometimes when you have a limited amount of money, you just have to make tough decisions.  Basically what our program is trying to do is help them eliminate having to make those tough decisions because we know that nutrient dense foods is going to make your health better and make you feel better."

Those using SNAP benefits can purchase food at the market at discounted rates.

"Some of the families and individuals that I have spoken with, they are just so excited that that is accessible, that it's something that they can afford with those dollars," said Mullin.  "We are matching, so everything is basically half price for them."

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