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With Rain Coming, Hamilton County Offers Free Sand Bags

Hamilton County is hoping to reduce flooding by giving residents free sand bags. The Emergency Management Department and Sheriff’s Officer are distributing them in anticipation of heavy rain starting, Thursday. 2014-02-20T00:00:00-05:00
With Rain Coming, Hamilton County Offers Free Sand Bags

Heavy rain is expected this weekend throughout Central Indiana, and Hamilton County is trying to get in front of potential flooding.

The county put together a hazard mitigation plan last year and determined flooding is the top threat.

"One of the biggest things we always look at is, the time to plan and the time to prepare is now," said Tom Sivak, executive director of emergency management.  "Many residents are affected by these flood waters and at times are already starting to work on those preparations."

The department is partnering with the Sheriff’s Office to distribute free sand bags, starting Thursday, to stop potential floods. 

Sivak says the earlier residents put them out the better.

"Get out early. Sand bags don't do anything when its flooding specifically, so trying to stop the water before they happen is always a big piece of the pie," he said. 

There will be between 3,000 - 4,000 bags available through Sunday.

"A lot of our residents are very good at getting out in front of it and putting together their own mitigation measures," said Sivak.  "This is just one piece of the pie that Hamilton County offers to all residents to be able to support them in situations especially if they may affect their homes."



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