March 15, 2021

Get to know All IN's new host Mariam Sobh

Get to know All IN's new host Mariam Sobh

Beginning this week, you'll hear a new voice on All IN, the statewide talk show that is produced at WFYI and airs weekdays at 1 p.m. 

Mariam Sobh, whose work in Chicago has included both public media and commercial journalism, is joining All IN, with the goal of engaging Hoosiers across the state on big topics and interesting ideas.

"I'm looking forward to the opportunity to be able to connect with folks all across the state and share their stories," said Sobh. 

Launched in 2019, All IN aims to connect listeners to the latest news and to each other, through deep, thoughtful and lively conversation. Since its launch, All IN has been one of WFYI’s most-downloaded podcasts, in addition to reaching listeners via broadcasts statewide.

“Hosting thoughtful conversations is one of public radio’s greatest strengths,” said Greg Petrowich, president and CEO of WFYI, where All IN is produced. “Mariam’s experience as a journalist – asking questions and seeking clarity – and her focus on storytelling will continue to drive the program’s growth in audience and impact.”

Check out some interesting facts about Mariam, to get to know her better.

1. The secret to her interviewing success: improv comedy training.

Mariam Sobh has over 15 years of journalism experience, but she points to her work in improv comedy (including a one-woman show at Second City in Chicago) as pivotal preparation for her new role with All IN.

"The one thing that I often go back to that has helped me immensely, was training in improv comedy," she said. "It’s a great way to learn how to pause and listen and be in the moment. We often get lost in our own train of thought when someone is talking, planning ahead what we want to say, but when you focus and stay grounded you can find some really great gems!"

2. She's covered a lot of beats — including bee swarms.

In Chicago, in addition to hosting roles, Sobh has reported on politics, police shootings, traffic, elections... and 7,000 swarming bees.

When the buzzy topic attracted a big crowd (of bees and of people) to a pole just off Michigan Avenue in the Windy City’s Loop, Sobh shared both the hubbub and the facts: when a queen bee decided to move, the hive will follow.

3. All IN's innovation and creativity drew her to this opportunity.

"I’m really excited about the ability to create and innovate," she said. "The All IN Team has impressed me with how they’ve been able to adapt and move forward during a global pandemic."

4. Indiana's beauty and legal fireworks intrigue her.

Why is she excited to move to Indiana?

"Indiana is such a beautiful state, who wouldn’t be excited?," she said. "I love that there are city elements, but also a lot more space and quiet. Fireworks aren't illegal, so that is a plus — although I am scared of lighting them."

5. She loves to get out in nature.

Mariam Sobh has spent a lot of time in Chicago, but she loves to get out in the woods.

"I love walking and hiking out in nature. While I prefer to be by the water, I also enjoy going out in the woods," she said. "One of my favorite spots I went to frequently all summer last year was Forest Glen near the Illinois Indiana border. So beautiful and peaceful!"

Learn more about the topics Mariam Sobh and the All IN team are covering by visiting the All IN program page.