Spirited Chase 2020

Spirited Chase 2020



“Where It All Began”

WFYI invites you to experience various Indianapolis origin stories as you join us on a journey around the city during the 12th Annual Spirited Chase on Saturday, November 14th, part of the 2020 Spirit and Place Festival.

While the event will look a bit different this year, this on-the-go program offers you the chance to visit various secret locations--through a combination of virtual and drive-thru experiences--to meet the people and places of Indianapolis and learn about their "origins" in our community.

The twist? You won't know where you are going until you get there!

During your "chase," you will be given instructions on how to visit each destination. The unique community partners each will offer their own creative and engaging story of "origins”. Come prepared to be a little daring and to maybe get a bit dirty. (Outdoor activities are a definite possibility!) You will have the chance for photos along the way and a time for reflection and feedback at the end of the day. 

So, get ready to explore with us as you join us on a day-long adventure around Indianapolis!

Cost to participate in this year’s Spirited Chase is $9 per person. A per-person price allows us efficiently manage registrations and provide a smooth event experience for participants. Cost includes snacks, water, and an event packet that will be available for pick-up the morning of the event. To help us plan for logistics, please register as a "team" by car-load. 

COVID-19 With Indiana still experiencing the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we will not be gathering in large groups. However, partners will be offering physically distanced, drive-thru, and virtual experiences for participants. 

Event participants will be expected to follow state mandated safety precautions, including wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. And, all event staff and volunteers will be following the state mandated precautions.

Please note that due to changing circumstances related to COVID-19, details are subject to change. You will be contacted again prior to the event with finalized details. Please visit the Spirited Chase event page for the latest information.


Do I need to participate in the whole event?
No, but we hope you do!

Are children welcome?
Yes, but the event is best suited for children 14 years of age or older.

Can I change or add team members?
Yes, but we need to have final confirmation of team members before November 11. If the event sells out before November 11, additions will not longer be accepted.

Are the sites accessible?
Most locations are ADA compliant. WFYI staff and volunteers will do their best to assist those with disabilities, however. Please reach out to us if you have accomodation requests.

What COVID-19 saftey measures will be implemented?
Due to the ongoing presence of COVID-19, WFYI and our Spirited Chase partners will be observing recommended saftey mesaures, including limiting the number of participants gathered in one area, masks required to be worn by participants and presenters, and gathering only in outdoor spaces.

Will there be rest facilities along the way?
Yes, the venues will have facilities available. However, accessibility may be limited due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

Should I bring water or snacks?
Please do! We will provide snacks and water to you at the beginning of the day.

Is this rain or shine?
Yes! Dress for rain or shine, hot or cold, messy or clean ... we're taking you there! (Tennis shoes really are a must and skirts/dresses are not recommended. Check the morning forecast and bring an umbrella, if needed.)

Will I need any extra money?
Perhaps, but that's because you might wish to purchase an item from a location.

Will you tell me where I'm going?
Yes, indeed, but only by printed instructions at the previous stop. No information about destinations will be revealed in advance.

PLEASE also check your email on the morning of November 14 in case of any last minute changes.


We are looking forward to seeing Spirited Chase participants on Saturday, November 14th for this year's Spirited Chase, "Where It All Began."

Please keep the following information in mind:

  • CHECK-IN: Drive-through check-in is expected to begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. at WFYI, 1630 N. Meridian Street. Spirited Chase programming will begin at 9:00 a.m.
  • LOCATION: Check-in will occur off of Pierson Street (Sesame Street). This may be accessed via 16th of 18th and is directly behind WFYI. 
  • FOOD: In the morning, you will recieve light morning snacks and an event packet. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be providing lunch this year.
  • BRING CASH: Just in case you want to purchase something along the way.
  • CYCLING: This year's Spirited Chase route is NOT conducive to cycling.
  • CLOTHING: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. We may be spending time outdoors. Dress accordingly and plan for weather.
  • ADA COMPLIANCE: Not all locations are ADA compliant. WFYI staff and volunteers will do their best to assist those with disabilities, however, not all venue areas may be accessible.
  • LATE ARRIVALS: If you have someone joining your party late, invite them to contact you via cell phone to connect with your destination.

Have questions? Contact Carly Weidman, cweidman@wfyi.org, OR (317) 614-0403



This event is brought to you as a part of the 2020 Spirit and Place Festival. Tweet about this event, and follow along with festival activities on Facebook and Twitter using #SPIndy.