What is IRIS?

Founded in 1982, Indiana Reading and Information Services (IRIS) is an around-the-clock communications link for the print-challenged.

Who Uses IRIS?

Persons who cannot read normal print due to blindness, low vision, physical impairments, learning disorders, or illiteracy. They are able to keep up to date on news and information, thanks to IRIS.

Who funds and supports IRIS?

IRIS is currently funded by WFYI memberships.

How do you become an IRIS listener?

Every day, IRIS broadcasts the regional newspapers and many other Indianapolis publications. Special radio receivers are loaned to listeners free-of-charge to use as long as they are needed. One must live within 45 miles of Indianapolis to receive the broadcasts on this specially-tuned radio or they can stream the serviceanywhere in the worldfrom our website on any Internet-connected device. There is an application requiring medical or therapeutic certification of condition.