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Coroner Releases Autopsy Report To Dreasjon Reed Family

Family attorney Fatima Johnson talks at the Marion County Coroner's office.  - Jill Sheridan/WFYI

Family attorney Fatima Johnson talks at the Marion County Coroner's office.

Jill Sheridan/WFYI

The family of Dreasjon Reed received a copy of the coroner’s report nearly three months after he was shot by an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer.

The release of the report is one of the demands that Reed's family and protesters have been making for months.

Attorney for the family Fatima Johnson said they had to get a court order to receive it.

"We forced their hand and they had to release this report," Johnson said. 

Special Prosecutor Rosemary Khoury, appointed to handle the case, had requested the information be withheld saying it could hamper the investigation.

At a press conference after receiving the report, Reed’s mother Demetree Wynn was upset.

"And if that was your child I promise you couldn’t stand here, you couldn’t stand here and read it without wanting to throw up," Wynn said. 

The family says Reed did not shoot at the officer who shot and killed him after a car chase that was streamed live on Facebook.

Johnson said they don’t believe IMPD’s account of Reed’s death.

"There’s a coverup going on, and we already know that the odds are stacked against us," Johnson said. 

Khoury commented in a written statement. "We fully anticipate that the family attorney will adhere to the confidentiality requirements set forth by the Indiana Code which prohibits the release of certain information contained in the report," Khoury said in the statement. 


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