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Hoosier Health Group Launches County Health Data Tool

The enhanced website from the Alliance for a Healthier Indiana focuses on four core health measures that many Hoosiers fall short on. Indiana Hospital Association, Alliance for a Healthier Indiana2018-01-05T00:00:00-05:00
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Hoosier Health Group Launches County Health Data Tool

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While Indiana’s health ranking ticked up on a recent annual report, health leaders say there’s more work to be done. A new data tool that highlights specific issues may provide some insight into focus areas. The tool from the Alliance for a Healthier Indiana breaks down top health priorities by county.

The alliance formed last year as a coalition to improve Hoosier health measures. The Indiana Hospital Association’s Jennifer Hurtubise says its new online tool is easy to use with clear information.

“We just wanted quick snapshots that provides some high-level information about each issue,” says Hurtubise.

It focuses on its priority areas of tobacco use, drug deaths, infant mortality and obesity. It also provides a health resource directory.

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“Whether that’s your local hospital or your county health department or non-profit organizations that helps with addiction services,” Hurtubise says.

The online tool is meant for everyone, including policy makers.

Hurtubsie says the data tool provides a clear picture of different community struggles. “Regionally it is interesting to look at the different priority numbers,” she says.

The updated website provides a listing of more than 600 statewide and local health resources.



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