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IMPD Chief Calls On Residents To Help Keep Officers Safe

During a press conference following an attack that left three Baton Rouge officers dead, Chief Troy Riggs said IMPD is investigating a threat against local law enforcement posted online. IMPD, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Troy Riggs, police2016-07-17T00:00:00-04:00
IMPD Chief Calls On Residents To Help Keep Officers Safe

Indianapolis Police Chief Troy Riggs is asking for the community's help in identifying threats to local law enforcement.

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INDIANAPOLIS – IMPD Chief Troy Riggs is calling on residents to help keep local police officers safe by reporting threats directed at law enforcement.

The request came during a brief press conference Sunday afternoon, following an attack in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in which three law enforcement officers were killed. It was the latest incident in a 10-day stretch that included the Dallas sniper attack that left five law enforcement officers dead, and the shooting of an officer’s car and home here in Indianapolis.

IMPD is also currently investigating a threat posted to social media believed to be directed at law enforcement in Central Indiana.

The recent violence and threats directed at police is something Riggs said he's not seen during his career.

“I’ve been doing this for nearly 30 years, and I can tell you that officers get threatened a lot of times. It’s something you get used to as a police officer because you make so many arrests,” Riggs said. “But I’ve never seen in 30 years the level of violence towards officers and the amount of people that have condoned violence toward officers. That cannot be tolerated.”

Riggs added that he’s pleased that in Indianapolis many community members have been supporting the police department and working “hand-in-hand” with officers.

“We think that will continue,” Riggs said. “But remember, this type of violence can be perpetrated by just one or two individuals. That’s why it’s so important for us as a community to forward information when you see those types of threats.”

Residents should report any threats to IMPD by contacting Crime Stoppers at or calling (317) 262-8477.

Riggs said last week the department began requiring officers to complete a one-hour online training on ambush awareness. It has also provided information about safety and preparedness for officers and their families.



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