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IndyGo Begins Red Line Construction On Meridian Street

IndyGo Begins Red Line Construction On Meridian StreetRed Line construction begins along Meridian Street this week, while work along Shelby Street and the first station continues. IndyGo, Red Line, public transit2018-08-06T00:00:00-04:00
IndyGo Begins Red Line Construction On Meridian Street

An artist's rendering of the Red Line along Meridian Street.


Sidewalk and road work on Meridian Street started Monday for the Red Line rapid transit project in Indianapolis. Construction stretches from 38th Street to 18th Street and will last until Aug. 31.

Lauren Day of IndyGo says the work being done is about more than the new bus line.

“A big portion of the Red Line construction is actually repairing the infrastructure that’s already there," Day says. "So it’s not just building the transit system but making sure that the sidewalks and all of the ramps are ADA accessible, fixing some lighting, some crosswalks, and then also repairing the sidewalk.”

IndyGo expects to finish the foundation work for the first Red Line station, at Troy Avenue and Shelby Street on the city's southside, by the end of the month.

“So you will be able to start seeing the semblance of the Red Line station but it won’t be the full height with all of the roofing and the electrical quite yet,” Day says. 

Day says the first stations will arrive pre-constructed later this summer.

Construction on Shelby Street, from Hanna Avenue to Prospect Street, also continues this week. IndyGo says the project will cause no complete road closures.



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