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Singer-Songwriter Allison Victoria Brings A Message Of Love

Singer-Songwriter Allison Victoria Brings A Message Of LoveOur January Small Studio Session performer is singer-songwriter Allison Victoria. WFYI's Jill Ditmire introduces us.Small Studio Sessions, Allison Victoria2019-01-08T00:00:00-05:00
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Singer-Songwriter Allison Victoria Brings A Message Of Love

Allison Victoria sings in WFYI's Small Studio.


Twenty-four-year-old Allison Victoria Temple grew up in Indianapolis in what she calls a supportive, artsy family that encouraged her to share her voice.

"I was a little too shy to join the choir," she says. "I was one of those singers you had to make sing so it’s ironic that I’ve been able to flip that completely."

It was a message within that helped her push past that shyness.

"Love of thyself, of others, and I just feel like it’s the little things that you can do," Victoria says, "'cause I feel like I can’t save the world just by myself but if we all collectively do little things then we save just one person, and that’s a whole legacy that’s a life and I just feel like that’s what I’m here for."

That theme continues in all of her compositions, including "Beneath the Dust" which was the first song she wrote on guitar,  an instrument she  learned to play just a few years ago.

"Throughout this journey I’ve been in intimate settings and I’ve been on big stages, and whenever I do that song people are really moved by the messages," Victoria says. "In writing that song, I did my research.  I asked people I was like so what would you say to your son, what would you say to your daughter if you knew you didn’t have any time and they were young, what are some things you could say to them so they could read later or hear later. And I feel like I did my best to embody that."

Watch Allison Victoria's Small Studio Sessions performance.

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