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Veterans Affairs Employees Urge Staffing Support At Rally

Veterans Affairs Employees Urge Staffing Support At RallyEarlier this year there was a call to fill thousands of positions across the country to improve access. Veterans Affairs, veterans, VA hospitals2017-09-01T00:00:00-04:00
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Veterans Affairs Employees Urge Staffing Support At Rally

Employees rally outside of the Veterans Affairs hospital in Indianapolis for staffing support.

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The Veterans Affairs Secretary earlier this year said the VA needed to hire more than 45,000 positions to reduce wait times and improve care for veterans across the country.

A group of employees who rallied in Indianapolis claim less than 2,000 have been filled.

And organizer Sheila Simon says a recent Veterans of Foreign Wars survey indicates a majority of veterans would still prefer to receive care at the VA.

“They want to come to the VA because it’s a community where they feel safe and where they know they have brothers and sisters who know what they are going through,” Simon says.

Government workers union board member and veteran Arnold Scott says the lack of workers impacts care.

“You’ve got to fill those positions … they’re asking people to do more with less as always,” Scott says.

Scott says a program that allows veterans to access care outside of the VA system is not ideal.

“I get complaints and the complaint is that it takes longer to see someone in the private sector than if they went through the VA system,” says Scott.

A search of the VA’s website lists 68 open positions in Indiana. The VA didn’t respond to a request for a comment.

Indiana has more than 20 locations in the veterans health system including clinics, hospitals and counseling centers.



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