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#VisitDonateSmile Needs Help Funding Grants For Youth Service Projects

Part of the Indiana Black Expo’s Youth Leadership Summit this year is a new competition to encourage young people to do community service. The program is called #VisitDonateSmile and offers five $600 grants to help middle and high school students pay for and execute projects to make their neighborhoods better. 2014-07-08T00:00:00-04:00
#VisitDonateSmile Needs Help Funding Grants For Youth Service Projects

A new competition to spur youth creativity and service is launching this month in Indianapolis. But, the organization putting it on says it still needs funding.

About 300 children are expected to attend the Indiana Black Expo Youth Leadership Summit starting July 18. As part of that, they can compete for mini-grants to finance service projects in their communities.

Youth Leadership Summit Chair Dian Foreman says the goal is to use the process to develop business and life skills including creating a budget, researching, and public speaking.

"It's just the exposure that young people need," said Foreman.  "We have been very successful, that even though this is a three-day event, the impact that it has had on young people's lives to say, it was a catalyst.  We understand that we are just one piece of the pie, but we want to make sure it's a good piece of the pie that young people get while they are here."

The goal is to provide five $600 grants for middle and high school students.

The winners will be responsible for executing their plans and will then present on their progress at next year’s youth summit.

"They'll have an opportunity first to get trained on how to go and research, what are the needs, how to make a budget, how to collaborate with others and have that kind of document to help the process," said Foreman.  "From there, complete an actual proposal and actually present in front of peers."

Right now, the organization only has about  8 percent of the money and is looking for community support to raise the rest.

You can follow the campaign's progress and help in the funding on Twitter with #VisitDonateSmile.



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