December 3, 2020

Celebrate Indiana music scene with Small Studio Signal Boost

Celebrate Indiana music scene with Small Studio Signal Boost

If you enjoy hearing the eclectic mix of Indiana talent on Small Studio Sessions, you’ll love the new radio show Small Studio Signal Boost, featuring new music from Indiana artists, exclusive interviews and conversations with local creators.

The show is hosted by three local musicians themselves: Melissa Davis, who is joined by co-hosts and producers Sharlene Birdsong and Adam Gross.

Read on to hear from each of them about what you can expect to hear on the new show, and about what makes the Indiana music scene so special.

What the show is about, and who do you think would enjoy listening to it?
Adam Gross (AG): Our goal is to celebrate our local music community and hopefully turn some people on to great music being made in their back yards. Music lovers of any kind would like the show because we are making a strong attempt to be genre-inclusive!

Sharlene Birdsong (SB): Melissa, Adam and I are musicians, and we partner with our friends and community to discover the latest records made here in central Indiana.

What can people expect to hear besides great local music?
Melissa Davis (MD): Signal Boost expands upon Small Studio Sessions with new music from artists we maybe haven’t been able to feature in the studio – yet! Folks can expect interviews with Indiana based musicians, a “Top 5 song” segment and a chance to find out what’s happening in music events weekly around the city and state.

How would each of you describe what makes the Indiana music scene unique?
MD: Our Hoosier musicians are determined to make their art happen, and they’re doing it with or without financial support. It takes a lot of bravery and drive to do that. I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for our Indiana musicians. We’re lucky to be surrounded by so much talent in our state.

AG: Indiana musicians are hard working and often make music part time while working day jobs. I think that fills the music with love and determination that is palpable.

SB: Indiana musicians just work the hardest. If there isn’t a venue for us, we create our own, if there isn’t a record label offering distribution, we create our own.

Who is an artist each of you are especially excited to feature on the show?
MD: It’s really tough to pick one Indiana artist, because they are all so interesting and unique – and there’s a band out there for everyone. Really though, I have a few dream guests. We’ve gotta get John Mellencamp someday. We have to!

AG: I was really excited to feature Marc “Mr. Kinetik” Williams on our first episode. He’s an
incredibly prolific and important person in our music scene. I look forward to covering so many people that it’s too many to mention!

SB: There are so many artists that I want to talk to! Indy producer Fresh DuzIt, Hannah Benn, Parris LaDame, John Stamps, Poindexter and Okara Imani are all on my short list.

Besides listening to the show, what are some ways people can support local musicians right now?
MD: If a band or musician has a livestream, watch it – share it – and donate, if you can.

AG: Purchasing music from artists is also a great way to support them. Most local artists have their music posted for digital and physical sale on a site called Bandcamp, which pays the majority of the funds directly to the artists unlike most of the other online platforms.

SB: Think of local musicians as local businesses and support them in the same way. You can purchase their music and merch, tell your friends about them and attend live or virtual shows.

Listen to Small Studio Signal Boost Saturdays at 9 p.m. on 90.1 or stream it live. 
Small Studio Signal Boost is made possible in part by Sun King Brewery.