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Members are the backbone of WFYI Public Media. Nearly 40 percent of our operating budget comes from the generous support of our members. Consider joining the more than 26,000 individual supporters of WFYI today!

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WFYI's INner Circle

The INner Circle is WFYI's leadership giving society. It is a community of our most generous and engaged donors whose level of financial support strengthens the foundation for the work we do to provide the central Indiana community access to public media.


Looking for ways to support WFYI and connect with others through membership?  We can get you started with $60 a year or an ongoing monthly gift of $5 a month.  When you give that amount or more, you can receive our “Insiders’ Magazine” and a new benefit named WFYI Passport.  With WFYI Passport you can watch several hundred hours of PBS programming on-demand including some of your favorite shows like “Downton Abbey,” “Nova,” and “Secrets of the Dead.” The best part is you can access the video library when it’s most convenient for you.


A WFYI Sustaining Membership is our most consistent form of membership. Your contributions are deducted monthly via your checking account or credit card, and continue until you tell us to stop. Go green and become a sustaining member today!


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Is PBS Kids on at your house all the time? Do you look to Daniel Tiger to help kiddos in your life learn about hard things? Have your kids graduated from Molly of Denali to NOVA? Then WFYI Family Membership is for you!


Are you ready to take your love for WFYI and public media to the next level? Become a WFYI Nerds member today to show public media that you want us to be around forever.


If you fancy the British programs on WFYI Public Television, from mysteries and dramas to Britcoms, then join your mates and sign up for WFYI’s British Telly Club!