What is WFYI Nerds?

WFYI Nerds is an in-person event series designed for college and post-college adults, early and mid-career professionals, and new parents between the ages of 20-40 who have an interest and passion for public media programming. Our purpose is to gather regularly for fun, meaningful conversation and networking opportunities to connect with others in our community.


Check back here regularly for info about future WFYI Nerds events. You can also join the WFYI Nerds Facebook group to learn more and connect with fellow Nerds. 


WFYI Nerds Membership Affinity Group

Are you ready to take your commitment to the WFYI Nerds to the next level? We're excited to announce our new WFYI Nerds Membership Affinity Group! Starting at just $5/month ($60 annually) you can become a WFYI Member AND a founding member of the WFYI Nerds Membership Affinity Group. Membership will enable you to receive special event invitations, early access to RSVPs and ticket sales, extra perks like free drink tickets, and more.

For just $10/month ($120 annually) or more, you will receive all of these WFYI Nerds benefits AND you can snag an official WFYI Nerds t-shirt as a thank you gift.

Just be sure to select "Yes" that you would like to be a part of the WFYI Nerds group under the Benefits section of the giving form, and select the WFYI Nerds t-shirt as your thank you gift.

Already a WFYI member, at $5/month or more and want to be a part of this group? Contact WFYI's  Membership Team.



Should I attend WFYI Nerd events?

  • Did you dig LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow when you were growing up?
  • Were you an NPR "backseat listener" as a child?
  • Do you have kids of your own who you watch Sesame Street with?
  • Was your ox able to ford the river while playing Oregon Trail?
  • Was your first pet a Tamagotchi or a Furby?
  • Did you hope your collection of Ty Beanie Babies would one day make you millions?
  • Do you love meeting new people, engaging in conversations, and having fun?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then WFYI Nerd programming is for you!


What type of events does WFYI Nerds offer?

Events and programming are created to offer opportunities to connect, engage in conversation, and meet new people in the city. WFYI Nerds offer in-person opportunities to:

  • Connect with other public media “nerds" and 
  • Receive "behind-the-scenes" information and special event opportunities centered around some of the best that public media has to offer, including national content from PBS, NPR, and local content from WFYI.
  • Have memorable experiences that increase your knowledge in ways you may not expect

In the past, WFYI Nerds have hosted Happy Hours, Exclusive Podcast Listening Parties, Screenings, and more. Find out about our upcoming events on the WFYI Events page and by signing up for our mailing list.

Is there a fee to join WFYI Nerds?

All WFYI Nerds events are open to the public, and most events are offered at no cost or low cost. Though, we certainly encourage you to support your local public media station. (That’s us.)

So, feel free to bring a friend (or three) and we’ll see you at our next event!

Stay Connected

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